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Welcome to the Tutorials for ProjectExplorer 4 for AutoCAD Civil 3D . Choose from the following tutorial topics to better understand how to work with ProjectExplorer.

Generating Quick Reports

This tutorial demonstrates the use of ProjectExplorer to generate a simple Civil 3D Alignment/Profile report to a PDF file. We then write the same report to a different file format in a few simple steps - to an Excel XLSX file.

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Generating AutoCAD Tables

This tutorial demonstrates the use of ProjectExplorer to place two AutoCAD tables into a Civil 3D drawing. The first table will contain a simple Civil 3D alignment/profile report. The second table will contain a Pipe Run Report derived from a Civil 3D pipe network.

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Working with Object Sets

This tutorial demonstrates the use of Object Sets in ProjectExplorer to simultaneously generate two broadly identical reports to a Microsoft Word DOCX file and a Microsoft Excel XLSX file. The use of object sets will allow us to easily ensure that the content of both files is kept in-sync - even after a design change.

Object Sets allow complex reports to be generated, featuring a range of content from a Civil 3D model. In this example, the report will include a pipe run between two specific structures on a pipe network, and a station based report of the channel lines on a corridor.

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Editing the Civil 3D model

This tutorial demonstrates the use of the editing tools in ProjectExplorer to apply some design changes to pipes and corridors.

We'll use the new Multiple Part Swap feature to edit a Pipe Network, then use the Assembly editing tools to widen the carriageway on a Corridor. Optionally, we'll then update the reports previously generated in the Working with Object Sets tutorial in the simplest way possible - with a single mouse button click.

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Various Video Tutorials

Over the years we have published a range of video tutorials to YouTube, relating to a number of different releases of ProjectExplorer. Much of the information contained within these videos is still relevant to the latest release, although some aspects of the program will have changed since these videos were produced.

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