ProjectExplorer 3 for AutoCAD® Civil 3D®

What is ProjectExplorer?

What is ProjectExplorer?

ProjectExplorer is an entirely different kind of add-in for AutoCAD Civil 3D. Its purpose is to help you better manage, understand, and more efficiently distribute the vast array of information already held within your Civil 3D model.

The main ProjectExplorer window holds a detailed and uniquely accessible range of information about your civil model - much of which is directly editable. ProjectExplorer closely monitors design changes made elsewhere in Civil 3D, and dynamically highlights areas of your design which may not meet specified design goals.

The powerful report generator in ProjectExplorer is perhaps its most important feature. Nothing else comes close to automating the generation of fully customizable geometric reports from Civil 3D. Once you have configured some Object Sets in ProjectExplorer, a whole series of geometric reports can be generated or updated with a single button press.

We refer to ProjectExplorer as the Essential Add-in for AutoCAD Civil 3D. In fact, we think you'll find it so valuable to your workflow - you simply won't want to drive Civil 3D without it.

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