ProjectExplorer 6. Discover one of the most comprehensive
sets of extended functionality ever devised for Autodesk Civil 3D.

Style driven & user configurable

Control the layout and content of both the ProjectExplorer window and any generated output with a range of styles which can be saved and restored on the fly.

Dynamic profile/section views

Review profiles, assemblies, corridors, pipe runs and sample lines with an innovative range of dynamic profile and section views in the ProjectExplorer window.

Editing & validation tools

Enjoy direct access to almost every parameter in your design. Many values can be directly edited or validated from the ProjectExplorer window via a series of tooltips, right-click menus and toolbars.

Reports & spreadsheets

Experience the industry's leading report and spreadsheet generator for Civil 3D. Entirely style driven, user configurable, and fully automatable when used in conjunction with Object Sets.

AutoCAD tables

Effortlessly place user configurable dynamic AutoCAD tables into your drawing, using a workflow which is broadly similar to ProjectExplorer's report generation process.

2D export to AutoCAD

Export portions of your Civil 3D project to 2D native AutoCAD drawings. The resulting drawings look identical to the originals, and make ideal lightweight starting points for contract drawings.

Comparison tools

Compare the elevation, slope, and offset between alignments, profiles, corridors, pipe runs and surfaces - then dynamically monitor these relationships as your Civil 3D design evolves.

Content filtering

Filter project content using a range of criteria such as specific point codes, link codes, profile types, elevation or slope ranges, surface types, pipe run paths, and more.

Object search

Easily find any named object in your Civil 3D project then highlight, select, zoom or pan to it instantly in the AutoCAD viewport or ProjectExplorer window.


Don't put up with second best!
Experience the leading reporting solution for Civil 3D.

The style driven, custom report generating process in ProjectExplorer is simply unrivalled for sheer speed, ease of use, and repeatability.

Simply choose a Layout Style to determine the layout and formatting of report content, a Report Style to determine the page, font and table style settings, and a target file format.

ProjectExplorer supports a wide range of file formats including txt, pdf, xslx, rtf, docx, html, and csv.

Discover integrated Profile and Section Views in ProjectExplorer.
Use Corridor Section View to interrogate your design, instantly.

ProjectExplorer features a variety of dynamic Profile and Section Views. These views allow the elevations of many Civil 3D object types to be constantly monitored such as Profiles, Corridors, Sample Line Groups, Pipe Networks, and Site Feature Lines.

Each view features a range of dedicated design review tools, such as the ability to display compared design elements like existing surfaces. The Corridor Section View allows displayed sections to be interrogated. This enables named point, link and shape codes to be easily located, and the scope of each applied subassembly to be understood in an instant.

Review geometric relationships between any two design elements,
with live feedback from ProjectExplorer.

Make informed design decisions by monitoring the geometric relationship between two Civil 3D design elements.
As you apply design changes in Civil 3D, ProjectExplorer provides you with constantly updated information which can be exported to a report in a few mouse clicks.

To unlock the full potential of ProjectExplorer,
discover the power of Object Sets.

Let Object Sets in ProjectExplorer take care of distributing information to project stakeholders.
Produce an entire series of custom reports, spreadsheets, dynamic AutoCAD tables, and 2D AutoCAD drawings from your Civil 3D project with a single mouse click.

  • Style driven and user configurable.

    Take the pain out of generating reports, spreadsheets and AutoCAD drawings from your Civil 3D projects. With Object Sets, the content, layout, file type and path of any exported document can be preconfigured by the user. This allows each document to be generated or updated with a single click of the "Run Selected Action" button.

  • Export multiple reports, spreadsheets and drawings - with a single click.

    Once several Object Sets are configured in your drawing, the production or revision of an entire series of files is achieved with one click of the "Run All Actions" button. If you consider Civil 3D to be a single source of truth for your project, there is no better way to guarantee that all documents are in sync with your design.

  • Integrated Document Version Control.

    ProjectExplorer stores a permanent history in your drawing of all generated documents. This allows version information to be reviewed, along with the creation date and originating user of every generated document.

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Introducing ProjectExplorer.

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Generating dynamic AutoCAD Tables.

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Export to AutoCAD with Object Sets.

Learn how to use Object Sets to export portions of a Civil 3D project to 2D AutoCAD, for use in the production of contract drawings.